Leif Legacy Foundation

Voluntary Credentialing Program

What is VCP

The Voluntary Credentialing Program (VCP) has been introduced by LLF to aid in bringing on-the-ground protections to legitimate working teams. Every applicant to VCP will be required to submit documentation of task based training to the program coordinators per the standardized working dog guidelines created by LLF. The guidelines are not a one size fits all tool, but a baseline to indicate that the dog and handler possess proper public access skills, You may receive further questions about tasking and duties fulfilled by your dog on a case by case basis. If certified the team will receive an identification number that will be verifiable 24/7, the verification data will provide details about the level of certification as well as federal and state laws pertaining to the handler's origin. LLF stands behind any working team that we have credentialed and will accept communications from law enforcement, municipal government, property owners, etc. to act as a mitigator and educational resource to better serve our community of working teams.

Who should apply for VCP

The program was designed for two distinct types of teams, fully trained Service Dogs and Service Dogs in Training (SDiT). SD and SDiT designations carry different certifying criteria. We have found that SDiT certification is extremely beneficial in our communities as there is often a gray area of when or if a dog is ready for carrying out public access work.

Leif Legacy Foundation Certified Service Dog

the Certified Service Dog designation applies only to fully trained and tasked working dogs. These dogs are tested on indidual training as well as remedial training. Service Dogs are expected to handle pressure, distractions, and other situations that may be passable for general public access during training, but not for a fully trained dog.

Leif Legacy Foundation Certified Service Dog in Training

Service Dogs in Training are defined as a dog that is still within the primary training cycle used to fully qualify a Service Dog. These dogs must pass a rigorous public access testing regimen that proves to the organization that the dog is ready to be working in the community. A certified SDiT will be able to competently load/unload from a vehicle, work through buildings, be desensitized to common distractions. These dogs are also tested behaviorally to ensure that they are a good candidate for working.

How much does it cost?

Nothing. LLF is working closely on a breakthrough process that will allow us to keep the cost low enough to offer certification at no cost. We will offer testing via a unique realtime remote solution that will allow us to interact with handlers without being in person. In person testing with one of our staff members will also be available for a small fee, and will include AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC) testing at no additional cost.

Launching soon

LLF is very excited to begin offering certifications. We will be launching a VCP pilot test in fall 2017. Applications will be accepted through an online registration system and will be manually reviewed by LLF staff. More about the technical aspects of certification will be released soon, so please check back frequently.